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Interview with Nashville-based singer/songwriter Matthew Solberg

May 17, 2011

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 Dave Carew


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Interview with singer/songwriter Matthew Solberg

By Dave Carew

Matthew Solberg first came to my attention when I learned he had spearheaded the Elliott Smith Tribute Concert presented at The Mercy Lounge in late 2009.  Since then, Matthew has been working on his just-released full-length debut album, Matthew Solberg, which, he says, features songs influenced by Elliott Smith, Daniel Johnston, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Neutral Milk Hotel, and others.

Interestingly, Matthew—who plays out in Nashville very seldom—has had decent success as an “Internet musician,” promoting his music primarily online.  Underground Nashville asked Matthew about that—and about his new record in general—in this brief interview:

UNDERGROUND NASHVILLE: What was the creative vision behind your new record? What are you trying to achieve with it artistically and musically?

MATTHEW SOLBERG: I think one of my main goals was to make songs that I like. With my first [EP], I sort of just tried to write songs that I thought had good/meaningful lyrics and that showcased some guitar skills—but at the time I was only beginning to get a sense of melody and how to sing. With this new album, I suppose I wanted to take what I did on the EP (focus on lyrics and guitar), and sort of expand on that by adding in some more instrumentation (including more vocal parts) and focusing more on melody.

UN: In the past year, you have mostly been an “Internet musician” and have enjoyed some success spreading your music that way.  Specifically how are you using the Internet to reach music fans and raise your visibility as an artist?

MS: Besides making my first two albums available for free download, I’ve spent quite a bit of time marketing my music online, specifically by contacting bloggers and by advertising. I estimate that my first album got downloaded about 700 times, and it also got radio play in seemingly random countries. That might not sound like much to some, but to me—as an unknown solo artist releasing his first record—it’s reassuring. I couldn’t tell you how many live shows I would have had to have played to get that same effect, but I’m guessing it would be a pretty high number.

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