Chakra Bleu releases humorous “Love Me Like My Guitar” video


By Dave Carew

What? Are you kidding me? Some chick would rather romance her guitar than her man?

That’s the all-in-good-fun premise of Chakra Bleu’s latest video, “Love Me Like My Guitar.” (See YouTube link below.)

The video release coincides with some monster activity by the beloved, Nashville-based Americana/rock/pop artist. Her recent single “The Shadow” reached number four on New Music Weekly‘s mainstream Top 40 chart. And last week WBHC-FM in South Carolina reported that Chakra Blue’s “All of Me” single had hit their #1 position, garnering more spins than the latest releases from such hit artists as Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran.

Put all this together, and you create some pretty joyous times for Chakra Bleu.

“I’m having a fantastic time,” she said last week, particularly highlighting the joy she felt in making her new video. “My guitar is my constant, loving companion…the true love of my life. So, why not make a unique play on something that’s close to my musical heart and soul?”

The “Love Me Like My Guitar” video, co-starring Pal Sheldon, was shot in Franklin, Tennessee, and produced by Ray Boone of Music City Video.

To check out the video, please visit:

For more information about Chakra Bleu, please visit: 

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