Interview with Connie Smith, author of “Never Lose Heart”


by Dave Carew

One of the greatest gifts a friend can give you is hope—a sense that the world and your life matter and have meaning. That your struggles and suffering will pass, and that you are loved and valued amid them.

That is the gift given by Connie Smith to her friends—known and unknown—in the wonderful new inspirational giftbook Never Lose Heart.

After a particularly difficult, searching time in her life, Connie came to a life-changing illumination about God and His endless, faithful love for us. Her illumination unfolded in a particularly powerful, beautiful way—through her observation of random heart shapes around her. She began seeing them everywhere—perceiving each as a distinctive manifestation of God’s abiding presence and unconditional love. The heart shapes—as captured by Connie’s iPhone camera—now have been joined with a beautiful, illuminating, hope-filled text to form the core of Never Lose Heart. We recently interviewed Connie about her book:

DAVE CAREW: How did the idea of Never Lose Heart first come to you?

CONNIE SMITH: After I found close to sixty heart images, the idea crossed my mind that perhaps these inspirational images should be shared in a book. However, I kept dismissing the idea because I didn’t exactly consider myself a writer. Two months later, as I was out on a walk talking to God about it, the concept of the book dropped into me so quickly I could barely get my phone out of my pocket fast enough to jot down notes. Needless to say, I knew at that point God was prompting me to write Never Lose Heart. When I finally sat down to begin what I imagined would be a monumental project, especially for a rookie, to my surprise, I wrote the book in that one day. All credit to God for His divine inspiration.

DC: What is the single greatest insight or epiphany you’ve ever had about God?

CS: Through my journey in the “desert,” I came to the realization that true transformation is not found in striving harder to change behaviors or trying to please God with our efforts. More than anything, God desires for us to be still and simply “be” with Him. To be with Him is to know Him. To know Him is to know His incredible love and grace. To know His love and grace is to know true freedom, joy, and the fullness of life. It’s not about what we do for God. It’s about receiving what He’s done for us—with no strings attached. There’s no greater power.

DC: What is your deepest hope for the person who reads Never Lose Heart?

CS: First, I suggest finding a quiet place and reading Never Lose Heart like a devotional, taking time to meditate on the simple yet profound messages. My hope is that the book will provide comfort, encouragement, and hope, especially for those facing life’s hardships, disappointments, and challenges. We are never alone. God is faithful and promises to be with us no matter what, even in the midst of our failures. Moreover, I hope the book will inspire people to look and listen for God’s voice around them. God longs to make His unconditional, relentless love known to us on a personal level. It is everywhere—if we choose to open our hearts and see it.

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