Book Review by Roy E. Perry—Lee Smith’s “Black Mountain Breakdown”

Editor’s Note:  Roy E. Perry, the self-described “amateur philosopher”  of Nolensville, Tennessee, wrote book reviews for The Tennessean and Nashville Banner for more than 30 years. We are proud to feature periodic book reviews by Mr. Perry in Underground Nashville. Following is Mr. Perry’s review of Black Mountain Breakdown by acclaimed Southern novelist Lee Smith:


Black Mountain Breakdown by Lee Smith is a cautionary tale featuring the protagonist, Crystal Renee Spangler, an intelligent, beautiful, and gifted young woman. Because of tragic experiences—she is raped on the same day her father dies—and poor moral choices stemming from a desperate desire to be loved—she suffers a debilitating “nervous breakdown.” It’s not a pretty picture, but is told in fascinating, colorful detail, with artistry, creativity, and memorable poetic language.

Black Mountain Breakdown, like Ms. Smith’s other novels—such as The Devil’s Dream and Oral History—portrays the often-eccentric people who eke out a hard-scrabble living in the various “hollers” (sic) of Appalachia. Ms. Smith has an acute ear for Southern dialect and a perceptive eye for her characters’ hopes and dreams, their religion (or lack of it), their laughter and tears, their stoic endurance through difficult times, their flaws, faults, and foibles. Anyone who loves the genre of Southern literature should appreciate and enjoy the artistry of Black Mountain Breakdown.

About the Author:

Lee Smith was born in 1944 in Grundy, Virginia, a small coal-mining town in the Appalachian Mountains. The author of eight novels (critics esteem her novel Fair and Tender Ladies as her best) and two collections of short stories, she currently lives in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

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