Jasmine Cheri to record debut album; seeking support

By Dave Carew

I’m excited to report that Jasmine Cheri—daughter of the incredibly gifted harp-guitarist Tom Shinness—plans to record her first album. On several occasions I’ve seen Jasmine lend her amazing vocals to Tom’s live performances at Bicyclette and Two Old Hippies, and the effect is riveting and unforgettable.

Jasmine, who granted Underground Nashville the exclusive interview presented below, is seeking support from friends, fans, and the indie community at large to help her pay the costs of recording her album.  We urge you to check out her Indie GoGo link here:

Then please enjoy this exclusive interview:

UNDERGROUND NASHVILLE: How would you describe your music? What do you feel is most distinctive and/or affecting about it?

JASMINE CHERI:  I like to call it electro-acoustic world beat pop.  It has both electronic and earthy, ethnic sounds combined for an interesting soundscape including cello, stacked ethereal vocals, exotic hand drums, Native American flute, synth pads, Spanish-style guitar, and more.  About half of the album will be down-tempo with very relaxing ethereal qualities about it.  I like to call it “bubble bath music,” or something that you might hear on a compilation album titled something like Chill, Vol. 7.  The other half of the album will have more of a dancy feel.  Whether super chill or upbeat, I would say that my music overall has a dreamy quality about it, but with a solid, powerful expression that moves the heart.

UN: Why are you drawn to musical expression?

JC:  I was raised in a musical family and was exposed to all kinds of interesting instrumental music growing up.  Regardless of the musical influence in the home, music has always captured my attention in a way like no other art form.  I remember as a little girl wanting nothing more than to listen to music all day.  Enya was one of my favorite artists as a small girl, and my dad used to set me up with a microphone with reverb and I would sing into it for hours, attempting to emulate those same heavenly vocal stylings.  To me, sounds express things that words cannot, sometimes straight to the heart in ways that cannot be explained.  Music has the ability to excite, heal, relax, and inspire.  Listening to music can connect you with the beauty and the mysteries of our existence shared through and with each other.   The rhythm of music to me is like the heartbeat of life and that’s why I’m so drawn to it!

UN: You’re been writing songs and recording demos for nine years. Why do you feel 2013 is the right time for you to record and release your first album?

JC:  I feel this is the right time for me to finish my first album because I have finally found what I believe is “my sound.”  Through all of my recording the past nine years, I have experimented making many types of music.  I feel like this was a time for me to put my musical feelers out there and discover the sounds and expressions that resonate with me the most.  It wasn’t until recently that I felt with a strong sense of conviction that I have arrived at a point where my music is truly an expression of my creative identity.  In addition to that, I realized my music shared the story of my journey through loss and rediscovery of love, laughter, and hope.  I feel compelled to share my story, that others might be inspired by my journey and where it has taken me.

For more information, please visit:


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