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Gram Parsons Tribute Concert coming to Douglas Corner November 4

October 20, 2011

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Dave Carew


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Gram Parsons Tribute Concert coming to Douglas Corner November 4
By Dave Carew

Great news for Gram Parsons fans! For the fourth year in a row, Nashville will host the Gram Parsons Tribute Concert now dubbed by its promoters “Gram International.” The concert, to be held on Friday, November 4 at Douglas Corner Café, will offer a great night of Gram Parsons’ music, and also publicize the ongoing effort to induct Gram into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Similar events are planned, at roughly the same time, in other American cities and in Dublin, Ireland.

Headliners for this year’s event will be The Burritos, fronted by Walter Egan and Chris James, who released their fantastic debut album, Sound as Ever, on SPV Records in July. (See the Underground Nashville review below.)  Other performers will include The Gram Band (also fronted by Chris James), Donna Frost, The Devious Angels, Rebecca Jed & the Bucksnort Beauties, Derek Hoke and—at least according to one web site—“one or two surprises.”

Anyone interested in signing the petition to get Gram Parsons (not just his Nudie suit!) into the Country Music Hall of Fame, is invited to visit

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