Attend My New Workshop: “Gigs Galore: How to ‘Tour Nashville’ . . . Even If You Have No Following”

“Gigs Galore:
How to ‘Tour
Nashville’ . . . Even If You Have No Following”

WHEN: Thursday, June 30, 12 p.m.

WHERE:  Indie Connect, Inc. /  2720 Old Lebanon Road / Suite 108 / Nashville, TN 37214

COST:  $10 (just $5 for Indie Connect members)

Do you want to “play out” more often in Nashville?  Are you confused about how to get career-boosting gigs and slots at high-visibility writers’ nights? Do you worry that “I can’t get many gigs in Nashville, because I don’t have a following.”?

Let this high-impact workshop be your solution. In one hour, you’ll learn the specific, real-world secrets of “cracking Nashville” that otherwise could take you years to learn.  Discover how to:

  • Play writers’ nights at The Bluebird Café, Douglas Corner Café, The Commodore Lounge, The Listening Room Café, and other important, career-boosting venues . . . even if you have no (or next-to-no) following;
  • Get considered for Internet TV appearances seen in 192 countries around the world;
  • Put together a week-long “Nashville Tour” for yourself that will allow you to play before Music City audiences up to five times in just seven days;
  • Maximize the odds that you’ll get REPEATED invitations to play at the club of your choice.

Every piece of information you get in this workshop is specific, real-world, and potentially career-changing.  You’ll learn exactly how to make things start happening for your performing career in Nashville—exactly which venues to contact, specifically who to contact at those venues, and more.

As time allows, a Q & A session afterwards will allow you to get all your specific question answered.


Dave Carew has effectively booked and publicized performing songwriters and bands in Nashville for more than a decade. Dave is Editor / Writer of the blog Underground Nashville ( and the author of the novels Everything Means Nothing to Me: A Novel of Underground Nashville and Voice from the Gutter. He also is a freelance publicist, book editor, journalist, and marketing/advertising/public relations writer.


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