The Iraq War: Endless Costs, Endless Idiocy

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Dave Carew


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The Iraq War:  Endless Costs, Endless Idiocy

By Dave Carew

This is not a political blog (thank God), but sometimes even I have to weigh in on the shameful exercise called “American politics.”  I’m on record as opposing the Iraq War even before it began, and I still believe it was one of the most immoral and strategically idiotic wars ever fought by the U.S.

This morning I got a press release from Wes Benedict, a Washington, D.C.-based libertarian, who offers some right-on-the-money insights about the war. I’ll step out of the way now, and let Was speak for the rest of this post:

“President Obama needs to stop lying. In his speech, he repeated the ridiculous and false claim that the U.S. combat mission is over in Iraq. He seems to think that if he keeps talking about the war in a nice way, the war isn’t really happening . . . .

“This war has been a shameful failure from the beginning. But even if the U.S. military could impose a sustainable modern democracy on Iraq, it would in no way be worth the hundreds of billions of dollars, and thousands of American lives, lost in the process. The Bush-Obama War in Iraq has done nothing to safeguard the rights of Americans—on the contrary, it has probably made Americans less safe, and certainly poorer.

“The purpose of the U.S. armed forces is to defend the territory of the United States, not to re-engineer foreign societies.”

David M. (Dave) Carew is editor of “Underground Nashville” and the author of the novels “Everything Means Nothing to Me: A Novel of Underground Nashville” and “Voice from the Gutter.” He also is a freelance book editor, publicist, and copywriter.


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